Picture it.

It’s a cold, crisp fall morning: perfect hunting weather. On your morning walk out, you watch your breath spiraling up into the skies, dancing in and out of the beam of your flashlight or headlamp.  The leaves are crunching under your feet. The sun is about to break the horizon. You hear birds start to sing. You watch a squirrel and a rabbit bounce through the darkness in front of you. They know you’re there, but you’re not here to worry about them.

You get settled into your tree, take a drink of your blistering hot coffee, and hunker down into your warm jacket, waiting for the prized buck to show itself.

It’s been a tough go of it with hunting this year, and you’re out to get the monster that you’ve caught on camera hundreds of times.  It really hasn’t worked out so far.  You thought that the pattern had been established, and you figured that by now you’d have an animal on the ground.  There’s no way to change the past though, so you settle back in for a good hunt.

You sit back in your stand, and almost doze off, when you hear the snap of a twig somewhere over your shoulder.  There’s something there. You don’t know what it is, but you’ve got the firearm ready to go. Whatever it is, you’re here to test it…or to be tested by it.

It’s a long five minutes…it feels like five hours. Finally, out of the thicket behind you, walks a trophy buck: the biggest one you’ve ever seen. You get ready to shoot.  Everything is lined up, your target is standing broadside, and you’ve got nothing in your way.  You take your shot.

Then, you wake up.

Yep. Seeing that big monster in front of you was all a dream.

This scenario has affected all of us. Sleep calls us, and our warm bed tries to pull us back into its plush goodness. That is why it is imperative to have a tree stand that you look forward to sitting in, rather than a stand that you dread the thought of staying in for hours.

See, a seat that ruins a hunt is no tree stand at all. As a matter of fact, it’s just a legitimate hindrance to your hunt. Why would anyone go to the woods if they knew that their seat would send them home downtrodden and in pain?

If a hunter is uncomfortable, he or she is going to move around more to try to find some form of a relaxing position. There’s no better way to give away your spot than shaking around in a tree…you’re guaranteed to scare away every other living creature within your shooting range, that’s for sure.

A tree stand sit doesn’t have to be painful. It doesn’t have to be regrettable.  With a stand like the Millennium M150 Monster, a sit can be comfortable and enjoyable.

The M150 Monster was designed for the hunter that wants to truly enjoy his or her experience. It features include innovative ComfortMAX technology for ultimate comfort, as well as a a folding and height-adjustable seat. The Millennium M150 Monster is designed as a stand to help hunting feel like you were sitting in your recliner at home.

The construction of the seat is made of aluminum. The seat is strong and sturdy. The Monster can hold up to 300 pounds, yet it weighs only 19.5 pounds. With a seat size of 20 inches wide by 17 inches deep, this stand makes for a convenient carry and a comfortable sit. The full backrest and side straps add even more elements for you to achieve solid comfort. The wide platform and fold-up seat give bowhunters maximum flexibility in positioning for a shot. The optional M101 shooting rail gives gun hunters a solid rest. You will be a lethal (and comfortable) hunter when you have the M150 Monster on your side.

The M150 Monster is just what it is titled as…a monster. Every detail was considered in this stand, and there will be no more missed mornings due to stand discomfort.

Don’t wait any longer.  Don’t force yourself to wake up from the dream that you wish was a reality. Be in the stand, be comfortable, and be successful in harvesting that trophy.