When shopping for a new tree stand, especially a lock-on stand, there are many factors to consider. Price. Style. Preference.

Depending on the hunter, you might get different answers on what truly matters for a tree stand. You could get an answer that involves fitting a stand into a certain tree. Other hunters want the portability and long-lasting construction that allows them to drag their stand through swamps and brush to get to the perfect spot.

Overall though, lock-on tree stands really have three things that they should include: comfort, a lightweight frame, and stealth.

Let’s start by talking about comfort. We’ve all been there.  You’re heading out to your tree stand. It’s 5:30 a.m. and it’s snowing. Yes, you’re bundled up, but it’s going to be a long day of sitting in the tree. Out in the woods, you sit down on the stand. The tree digs into your back, your seat is crooked and your knees are in your chest because your footrest is too high.An uncomfortable sit results in an early quit, and there is no denying that fact.

If you are experiencing these problems, well…you’re not sitting in a Millennium stand.  None of these issues would exist in a Millennium stand. When a seat and stand are engineered using a technology that is called ComfortMax, why look elsewhere for a hunting perch? Millennium focuses on designing a seat that has ultimate comfort for all-day sits that keep you easily waiting for that big bruiser to coast by your perch. With ComfortMax technology, there is no problem with relaxing in the stand.  The contoured, tight-sling seats won’t disappoint you.

The second essential to a quality lock-on tree stand is that it is lightweight.  Hunts don’t always take place from one tree, and even when they do, that tree isn’t always accessible.  With a lightweight tree stand, you can be mobile and save yourself unnecessary backaches.

Many of Millennium’s stands are made of powder-coated aluminum. The material contributes to not only stealth, but keeps the stand lightweight as well. This allows the hunter to be properly equipped, and still go home with a back that doesn’t hurt.  Additionally, the powder-coat ensures the long-lasting nature of whatever stand you choose to sit in.

Is anyone as likely to move locations if they’re dreading the carrying weight of their stand? Absolutely not…so don’t limit yourself. There are better options available. The M100U weighs a mere 13.5 pounds. Millennium stands such as the M7 Microlite and the M60 Ultralite are also easy-carrying stands that keeps things easily portable and highly regarded for comfort.

Finally, we have to talk about stealth. The goal is to ensure that the target animal can’t hear or see you moving through the brush or sitting in the stand. The hunter must remain hidden from sun-up to sundown, with no exceptions.  Just one slip-up could ruin an entire hunt.

There are stands that are portable and easy to conceal while moving.  Most of those stands made that happen by sacrificing comfort and concealment in the tree.  There are also stands that are luxurious once they’re in the tree, but transport like a ton of bricks.

Millennium has managed to find a way to get the best of both worlds.

Never before has there been a line of tree stands that can do what the Millennium stands do when it comes to being quiet.  The technology put into these stands was gone over with a fine-toothed comb, and it shows. Millennium incorporates features to keep things quiet—such as padded shooting arm rests and quiet double loop ladder connections traps—to ensure you remain undetected.

When buying a lock-on stand, don’t compromise.  The tree stand that you need is one that will help you to be successful.  The stand you’re in is more than just a formality…it’s an essential piece to your hunting success.  Would you compromise on your rifle or crossbow if you knew that the lesser model would have a greater chance of failing you?