Jackie Bushman

Leaders in the outdoors industry told Jackie Bushman that uniting America’s deer hunters would never work, but the 29-year-old Alabama tennis pro and coach had a vision. As a former number one tennis player at Auburn University, all-American all-SEC honors recipient and 125th-ranked player in the world, Bushman was used to meeting challenges. He founded Buckmasters in 1985. Seven months later, the organization had 3,000 members.

Today, Buckmasters is the world’s largest association of deer hunters with more than 200,000 members. As CEO of Buckmasters Ltd., Bushman produces the Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine TV series and The Jackie Bushman Show TV series, and publishes Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine, Rack Magazine, and GunHunter magazine.

Bushman’s Buckmasters Whitetail Magazine was the first hunting show on TNN and the first deer hunting series on any network. Bushman’s second production, The Jackie Bushman Show, has won multiple Golden Moose Awards from the Outdoor Channel, the current network of both TV shows.

In 1986, Bushman invented the unique Buckmasters 3-D Sport Target System. The computerized archery game is the basis of the Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor Shooting Series and World Championship, the highest-paying event in tournament archery.

In 1994, Bushman orchestrated the first Buckmasters Expo. The three-day event includes a consumer product show, a members-only country music concert, the Buckmasters Top Bow Indoor World Championship, Young Bucks children’s activities and BTR antler scoring. The event draws 30,000 hunting fans each summer.

The Buckmasters American Deer Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, serves the public through a number of charitable activities. Project Venison has fed more than 2 million people; Life Hunts has taken more than 800 critically ill children hunting, and BADF’s Disabled Hunter Services has taken more than 7,000 people with physical disabilities hunting.

Watch the Buckmasters crew as they travel North America in pursuit of whitetails and other big game. Catch all 26 weeks of action on the Outdoor Channel from early July through December.

This show features some of the most intense hunting footage shot in North America. Various guests appear to discuss the great hunting moments that have defined Buckmasters since it exploded onto American TV screens in 1988. This flip side to conventional hunting shows proves that our cameras are always running, even when the adventures become misadventures for Jackie Bushman and his guests.


From day one our goal was to be different. Instead of your normal everyday hunting show, we wanted to produce a show to give the viewer an inside look of producing an actual reality hunting series. From obtaining air time, selling advertisement, lining up producers, to killing animals, we want to bring it all to the viewer.

North American Whitetail TV
Now in its 15th season, North American Whitetail remains among the most popular shows on outdoor television, focusing solely on the most sought-after big game species on the planet.

Co-hosts Pat Hogan and Stan Potts join Editor-in-Chief Gordon Whittington, Danny Farris, Haynes Shelton, Dr. James Kroll, Mike Clerkin and Jeremy Moore in managing, protecting and hunting whitetail deer across their North American range.

Whitetail Freaks
The Outdoor Channel’s Whitetail Freaks follows the adventures of a hardcore, hard-working team of whitetail (and big game) hunters as they spend countless hours in search of megabucks and memorable moments with family and friends. 

Created by renowned whitetail authorities and fan favorite outdoor television personalities Don & Kandi Kisky, Whitetail Freaks highlights every aspect of successful whitetail management and top-notch trophy hunting. From planting food plots to hanging Millennium Treestands to tracking pre-season big buck movement, Whitetail Freak’s selective harvesting results in only the biggest, most mature whitetails in Iowa!