We’re all familiar with that same, tired set-up: Sit in an old plywood box on the corner of your property, and wait for the deer, turkey or other targeted species to stumble in front of you… the same way they did a year ago, and ten years before that.

There’s a different way to do things. A hunting movement gaining popularity is called run and gun, and it’s ambitious.  You don’t sit and wait for the woods to bring the hunt to you. You take the hunt to the woods.

There’s nothing conventional about this style of hunting if you’re a disciple of hunting’s old testament. Instead of being based out of a permanent stand, your base camp is a backpack. This allows you the freedom to roam about the wilderness.  It’s not just a walk, though.  There is patterning involved, and developing a plan is critical.

Target game will almost always show patterns.  A strategic spread of trail cameras and a well-versed knowledge of the terrain are essential.  The terrain doesn’t have to be your grandfather’s 20 wooded acres, either.

While nostalgia produces meaningful harvests, it’s the trophies that can be found by putting in the work. Run and gun hunts require large plots.  Public lands that often go unused and unnoticed can produce some of the largest target species.  In order to be a good run and gun hunter, you can’t be afraid to branch out and widen your comfort zone.

One comfort that doesn’t have to be vanquished, however, is your tree stand.  With the rise of hunting tactics that emphasize mobility like the run and gun method, the tree stand industry has rushed to fill the needs of these fleet-of-foot hunters. The onslaught of demand separated the best from the rest, and Millennium Tree Stands positioned themselves firmly at the head of the class with their M7 MicroLite and M60U and M100U portable stand models.

The M7 MicroLite weighs only 8.5 pounds, but has the capacity to hold 300 pounds.  Built out of lightweight aluminum, this stand has a 20” seat height and features a handy set of specifications that will keep you moving in the woods.

The stand comes with backpack straps, a key essential that is often overlooked by others. More importantly, the stand was designed with SilentHUNT technology.  This places a strong emphasis on a stealthy set-up in the woods, and allows you to retain your transparency in a natural setting.

Worried about making your shot from a sitting position? No problem at all.  The seat of the M7 will fold away, leaving you with an opportunity to stand up to tactically and ethically place your shot.

If you plan on going on a hunt that will include extensive walking and extended sits, the M60U is your go-to stand.  This model, while also including essentials such as straps and a lightweight aluminum frame, focuses on the hunter’s comfort on extended sits. It has a footrest added to the design, and a seat that extends farther forward for added comfort.

There were no details overlooked in the weight drop from the M50, either.  Even though this model weighs 13 pounds, it is still capable of holding 300 pounds. This stand is a great option for the mobile, comfort-loving hunter.

Finally, there is the true classic, inventive M100U.  This stand is one of the historically most-trusted stand designs. With options for a seat back and a shooting rail, the M100U is one of the most versatile designs currently in production.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art seat design, this stand won’t collect water. Stand-up shooting, SafeLink technology, CamLock Chain Receiver and an industry approved harness are all small details that combine to make this re-engineered go-to a must-have for the serious woodsman that doesn’t want to be stuck to the same tree for too long.

It’s true that in this day and age, the hunting game is changing.  It’s reverting back to its origins, in a sense.  Run and gun hunting is as old as the human species. While bows were the weapon of choice, there were no hunting blinds in ancient times.  The only forms of camouflage were furs and mud, along with natural foliage.

Today, while we can buy camouflage, we can truly return to our roots with this style of game hunting.  Technologies have advanced greatly, but the desire to truly stalk, plan, pattern and harvest an animal still exists in the hearts of wilderness purists around the world.

For your next hunting season, be ready.  Go forth with your best foot, and try the run and gun hunt with a Millennium Tree Stand.  It will only take one hunt for you to be hooked on this physical style of hunting, and you’ll never look back.